Calculate company tax

accurately, at any time

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax calculations have never been easier. With one click of a button, you can get the computations
you need and plan your business better.

My Tax Companion

My Tax Companion was created to cater to companies who want to calculate their own tax. With close collaboration with Catalyst Tax Consultants Pte. Ltd., we have a team of capable tax practitioners and accountants working alongside our developers. As such, we have been able to develop a software that is right for your business.

Let MTC do your tax calculations for you

With our in-built ledgers and schedules, tax computations have never been easier; our software does all the calculations for you!

Just click a button and generate all your tax schedules easily!

We help you save the time, so you can spend your time making more important business decisions.

Calculate your Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly tax position seamlessly

Need to estimate your monthly or quarterly tax position for business planning? We’ve got you covered.

With MTC, you’re not limited to just an estimate of your tax position, but we can give you accurate figures down the the month you want to report in.

We've got you covered for each new year

At the end of every Financial Year (FY), you can simply roll forward the MTC tool, and all your data will carry on into the next year.

Kickstart your tax calculations with no hassle at all.

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